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Meta System launches motorcycle alarm upgrade

As motorcycle manufacturers are beginning to incorporate immobilisation on their top of the range models, anti-theft measures are expected to gain in profile.

Meta Systems Motorbike Alarms
The new M357TV2>1 upgrade

Weatherproof and resistant to vibration, the new M357TV2-1 alarm has been awarded Thatcham 2-1 certification. It employs a rolling code system with over 7.2 million variants and is operated by two ergonomic anti-scan, anti-grab remote control transmitters. For improved convenience, a transmitter can be configured to provide remote control operation of the alarm system via the motorcycle's ignition key.

Standard features on the M357TV2-1 include a unique PIN override facilities, a diagnostic, flashing LED, a de-selectable movement sensor and an integral battery back-up siren. The M357TV2-1 alarm automatically enters sleep mode if armed but not operated for more than 10 days - or the motorcycle's battery power reaches a critical level - at which point its minimal current draw reduces to zero.

"As motorcycle manufacturers are starting to focus more closely on security we expect upgrade products to become an increasingly important consideration, especially for riders of highly specified, and consequently, high value machines," says Mike Hemmings, Managing Director of MetaSystem UK and head of MetaSystem Group's motorcycle security operations.

"We have therefore used our experience in advanced technology to develop a quality, Thatcham-approved alarm, which boosts the protection afforded by OE immobilisers to Category One level."

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