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We Stock a large range of Pirelli Tyres and can order an fit any tyre requested.
Pirelli Tyres


Pirelli Tyres

The patented technology enables the structure of both front and rear tyre to be achieved using a radial carcass and a single layer belt made of steel.
Depending on the rolling direction of the tyre, the belt is wound circumferentially around the carcass giving an angle
close to 0°.

The advantages of the use of steel are its extremely high rigidity and the possibility to tune the winding spacing thus differentiating the stiffness distribution from shoulder to crown.


Pirelli Tyres

The main difference from the bias-belted construction is the structure of the carcass in this case is radial.
This means that its cords are wrapped radially around the tyre, from one bead to the other, giving big advantages in terms of cornering stability, reduced weight and high-speed performance.


Pirelli Tyres

The structure consits of a conventional carcass and a belt made of two or more crossed layers.
The difference between the carcass and the belt is determined by the different goals they are designed to fulfill and consequently different materials are used in the construction.

The belt is made mainly from Aramide and it's function is to reduce the dynamic deformation caused by centrifugal forces, while the carcass provides the tyre with its stiffness and load carrying capacity.


Pirelli Tyres

Also indicated as conventional or x-ply tyre.
Depending on the different speed and load specifications, the tyre carcass is structured using  two or more overlapping layers.

Each layer is made of rubber coated textile cords and the overlap angle is designed in order for the tyre to conform with the required dynamic characteristics.


Any products not currently in stock can be ordered, we always strive to keeping any waiting to a minmum and most times we can have any ordered product ready for collection within 48 hours.

Full product listing coming soon, till then please call us on 01 491 0439 or use our contact page to order your part and arrange your fitting.

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