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The MICHELIN tire range promises you maximum safety in all circumstances. The only point of contact between you and the road, MICHELIN motorbike and scooter tires help you to keep control of your machine whatever happens.

Want some examples?

Take our MICHELIN Pilot Road 3 Sport-Touring tire. Its MICHELIN XST sipes give excellent grip when cornering in the wet. As for the MICHELIN City Grip, equipped with MICHELIN PST sipe technology, it’s the best scooter tire in our range for avoiding skidding in the wet.

Michelin Tyres range

From track to street

Tires developed from competition tires to give you even more sensations. When MICHELIN develops a technology for use in racing, if we think it might be of benefit to all bikers, we’ll test it for one or two years in competition before we bring out a mass market version. So, you’ll find the best aspects of racing tires in your everyday tires...

Michelin Tyres

Less wear, more miles!

Because more grip doesn’t have to mean lower mileage. On two wheels, grip and safety have to be the best possible. However, this mustn’t be at the cost of the service life of your tires. Through the technologies built into their tires, Michelin maximizes the longevity of your tires.

By distributing hard and soft compounds over the tire where they are most needed thanks to their exclusive MICHELIN 2CT dual compound technology, MICHELIN Power Cup improves grip when cornering without compromising longevity in any way.

Want more proof of the long life you get from MICHELIN tires? MICHELIN Desert, the tire designed for Rally Raid competition, has already won the Dakar rally – one of the toughest races in the world – an incredible 30 times!.

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Any products not currently in stock can be ordered, we always strive to keeping any waiting to a minmum and most times we can have any ordered product ready for collection within 48 hours.

Full product listing coming soon, till then please call us on 01 491 0439 or use our contact page to order your part and arrange your fitting.

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